Communication Specialist

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Following the resignation of a central office staff member, Shawnee Heights hired Tiffanie Kinsch as a communication specialist. From the money saved not filling this position, we were able to create this new job. Kinsch will be taking over the website and all official district social media accounts. She is in charge of organizing, curating, Read More

Governor Race

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Four high school students are running for Governor in the 2018 Kansas Gubernatorial election. The candidates includes Jack Bergeson, 16, and his running mate Alex Cline, 17, both from Wichita for the Democratic party. The Republican party includes Ethan Randleas,17, Wichita, Tyler Ruzich, 17, student at Shawnee Mission North, Dominic Scavuzzo, 17, student at Rockhurst Read More

Supreme Court Funding

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The Kansas supreme court has ruled that funding for school districts is again unconstitutional. Legislature will reconvene in January to discuss a plan to meet constitutionality. “We don’t know yet, it will mean increased funding we just don’t know how much or how it will be directed to be used,” Dr. Martin Stessman, Superintendent said. Read More

Updates Throughout The District

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Middle School The green team is a group of 8th grade students who have come together under sponsor Karen Stockwell to learn about composting and the importance of it. Along with this club comes a new courtyard that is Kansas-themed. This courtyard was arranged by middle school teachers Kyle Kunard, Danielle Mott, and Barbara Cole. Read More

Board Election Within Shawnee Heights

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Correction: In the original version of this story it was stated that Stadler was endorsed by senator Anthony Hensley, when in fact it was Browne who was endorsed by Hensley.   School board elections are being held Nov. 7. Three positions are open. District A, Position 4 previously filled by Gene Edwards is now being competed Read More

Mental Health

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When thinking about high school, most adults say it was the best four years of their lives. But when  asking teens or young adults, they will say it was a time of anxiety, stress, and depression.     It is no secret that the rate of individuals living with a mental illness in America is on Read More

Seniors, Staff Resolve Homecoming Shirt Controversy

5 months ago Jeni Daley 0
To some, Homecoming has always been one of the most unforgettable experiences from high school. Whether winning royalty or simply being nominated, this day will be cherished in the minds of the candidates throughout their lifetime. The day of homecoming, the candidates enjoy an early breakfast around 10 a.m. at IHOP. They take anywhere from Read More

Wizard Of Oz Anniversary

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Oztoberfest is held in downtown Wamego, Kansas yearly to start off the month of October like there’s no place like home. This year, it was held the weekend of October 1. Oztoberfest had the honor of including special guest Jane Lahr, daughter of the most influential characters in The Wizard of OZ, Bert Lahr who Read More

Seasonal Workers

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Just like your favorite seasonal drinks, eggnog and pumpkin spice, some job opportunities only come around once a year. For many students at Shawnee Heights, seasonal jobs are a good way to gain experience and cash without becoming overwhelmed with school and sports. There are many seasonal jobs such as, working as an umpire, referee, Read More