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3 months ago Bradyn Smith 0
Shortly after Harvey Weinstein, American film producer and former film studio executive, became the subject of sexual assault allegations, the hashtag #MeToo trended nationwide. Alyssa Milano put out a call to action for other victims of sexual assault. Milano tweeted “If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to Read More

Mental Health

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When thinking about high school, most adults say it was the best four years of their lives. But when  asking teens or young adults, they will say it was a time of anxiety, stress, and depression.     It is no secret that the rate of individuals living with a mental illness in America is on Read More

Shirtless Spirit Squad

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 The Shirtless Spirit Squad, also known as S^3 is a group of five to eight guys from the high school who like to show spirit to the school’s athletes. The guys in the squad vary depending on who is available. The main people in the squad are Justin Armbruster (12), Ben Buchanan (12), Tyler White Read More

Seniors, Staff Resolve Homecoming Shirt Controversy

1 year ago Jeni Daley 0
To some, Homecoming has always been one of the most unforgettable experiences from high school. Whether winning royalty or simply being nominated, this day will be cherished in the minds of the candidates throughout their lifetime. The day of homecoming, the candidates enjoy an early breakfast around 10 a.m. at IHOP. They take anywhere from Read More

New LED Signs Showcase Happenings at SHHS

2 years ago admin 0
Among new renovations, one of the most talked about are the new LED signs out in front of Shawnee Heights, placed there over the summer. There has been a lot of discussion about what the plans are for these LED signs, and why they were put there to begin with. The intention of the signs Read More

Mock car crash

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On April 3 the group SADD hosted a mock car crash in order to give students an idea of what a real crash scene would look like. Chance Lammer, President of SADD, started organizing the event last year. The crash consisted of two cars that hit head on because of a drunk driver. Two passengers Read More

A project for parenting

7 years ago admin 1
Last semester I had the experience to take home the computerized baby for two days. It was an eye-opening experience that I won’t forget. The baby came with a diaper bag, a car seat, one bottle, two diapers, and a bracelet that had a computer chip in it so the baby would know that I Read More

Supporting our team

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This year the senior fans have been dedicated to supporting the Shawnee Heights athletic teams. It was decided at the beginning of this school year to be at every game to support our athletic teams. Since this is the seniors last year in high school to do so, many of them felt it would be Read More

Feline friend

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It’s true that cats are not known for their “man’s best friend” qualities. But it leaves one to wonder, what about “woman’s best friend”? Senior Alyssa Hudson would attest that her cat, Grayson, is no ordinary cat. “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about! At my house, we regard Grayson as ‘princess-kitty-puff-shoe-button-shines’. She Read More

National Merit Finalist

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To get financially prepared for college next year, senior Rian Browne took part in the National Merit Scholarship Program. This program uses students’ PSAT test scores in a competition that is rewarded with scholarships. Browne, who has been declared a Commended Scholar as well as a competition semi-finalist, joins the ranks of the top 15,000 Read More