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Middle School

The green team is a group of 8th grade students who have come together under sponsor Karen Stockwell to learn about composting and the importance of it. Along with this club comes a new courtyard that is Kansas-themed. This courtyard was arranged by middle school teachers Kyle Kunard, Danielle Mott, and Barbara Cole.

“I hope to help build future gardeners and teach the students how they can access food locally outside of the grocery store,” Stockwell said. The Green Team is open to any 8th graders to join and Stockwell hopes to open it up to all students next year as an elective class. The students meet once a month, as well as go on a hike once a month.

The team took their first hike at the Landon Trail on Oct. 20. Westar Energy recently granted the Green Team with a 4 x 50 ft garden bed and deck that was put in Oct. 30 by Westar who provided all the materials. The PTO have also provided the Green Team with three compost bins and buckets that they will use to collect food with. The garden will be used to compost the students’ lunches on Thursdays.

The Kansas courtyard is a scenic space with over 16 different Kansas native plants and trees. Along with teacher Melissa Eskilson, a district patron has also contributed her time into this courtyard. Eskilson spent many hours researching and finding plants that would survive in this environment. The courtyard was financed by the popular middle school snow cones and Eskilson. This project has only just started and more plants will be planted in the spring.

Tecumseh South Elementary

Tecumseh South has been hosting STANGS Caring Kids Club. The Caring Kids Club raises money for various groups, helps with recycling, work at school events, and any other projects that present themselves for the Tecumseh community. Each club member often gives up their recess, class time, and occasionally their own time on the weekends. Each member volunteers for one quarter, receives lessons on leadership, and get a STANGS Club t-shirt. The club is ran by Heather Coffman (teacher aide) and Marcie Brammell (6th grade teacher). They help with events like veterans day, school wide recycling, and help organize and raise money for their Christmas assistance program.

 Tecumseh North Elementary

“At Tecumseh North we continue to have a monthly awards assembly recognizing students who exhibit the key of excellence for that month,” Principal, Sara Glotzback said. Tecumseh North is also continuing their Panther PRIDE each month. Panther pride is when each certified teacher has a small group of 12-13 students, grades K-6, and they meet each month to build relationships with each other and work on community and school projects.This is their second year of PRIDE and students are already loving the team building.

Shawnee Heights Elementary

One of Shawnee Heights Elementary School’s (SHES) biggest focus is behavior in the hallways. They focus on walking straight to and from class, use walking feet, keeping hands to yourself, staying in line, and respecting people and property. They want to keep their hallways a safe and happy environment. October was anti bullying month and SHES took part in it with their theme for the year, which is “Take a stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying.” The students will be taught the three R’s: Recognize, Report, and Refuse. Students need to “recognize” that bullying is mean and hurtful. They also now know how to “report” an incidence of bullying. Finally, the kids are taught how to “refuse” bullying by being assertive and using specific words and actions to prevent it.

Berryton Elementary

Flexible seating is a new way for students to release built up energy that they have during class, and is a new option at Berryton Elementary. There are different types of flexible seating that include sitting or standing. This is a different route instead of the regular desk and chairs. Lisa Hahn, a 4th grade teacher, recently got a grant from the Shawnee Heights Foundation to get flexible seating in her classroom. Hahn received eight wiggle seats to put on chairs, six wobble seats for the reading table, and rubber bands to put on the front legs of chairs to help students release their energy. “Although flexible seating for me was stepping out of my comfort zone, it has really resulted in a great new climate for my students to learn in a more relaxing atmosphere. The variety of options helps to meet the higher need for seating that adapts to students who need more outlets for their energy,” Hahn said.



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