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Cierra Quiring

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Walking into school senior year, it was like I had skipped three years. Freshman, sophomore, and junior year went by so slowly, at least I thought, but senior year has flew by. My senior year though, was nothing like anyone else’s. This was supposed to be a great year coming up on graduation, but it was honestly the hardest year of my life. You truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone.
On July 22nd, less than a month before school, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It was so unreal. This was going to be such a big year for me. My dad was supposed to be there when I got my license, watch me transform into an adult, and watch me go off to college. I prayed long and hard, day and night, for just one thing; I wanted my dad to watch me walk across the stage at graduation.
On August 22nd, just four days before my seventeenth birthday, I was sitting in Mr. Buchanan’s room when I got the phone call I wasn’t ready for. He was gone, just like that. Thanks to Obryn Crites walking down the hallway with me, as I was in complete shock, and to Mrs. Murphy following me home and making sure I made it alright.
I remember the last thing I told my dad before he passed is that I would never let him down. My dad was the most important person in my life; I was daddy’s little girl. I just wanted to say thank you daddy. Thank you for everything you have ever taught me, for every time you have ever yelled at me or told me I was wrong, and for sharing with me that amazing smile that I will never forget. Being your daughter was not only a blessing, but a challenge. You challenged me to be the best I could be, always, and also to follow my wildest dreams. I have learned so much from you over these 17 years, and, no matter what, I know you’ll be with me every step of the way. I love you so much.
Also, thank you mom for being so supportive along this life-changing journey. I’m hard-headed, yes, I know, but thanks for loving me anyway. Being the only girl of five has been difficult, but I wouldn’t go back and change it for the world. Jake and Zach, follow your dreams, live your lives to the fullest, and don’t ever give up on anything. David and Trent, I’m proud of who you two have become and I’m more than thankful to have brothers’ like you.
Lastly, thank you to Mrs. Gish who has taught me so many organizational, grammar, and writing skills; more importantly though, how to not procrastinate and how to meet deadlines. Thanks to Mrs. Coulter for always being upfront when addressing issues in Comp and teaching me that MLA is not the only way to write papers.
My four years at Shawnee Heights was definitely nothing like I had ever imagined. Life brought many challenges, but I always managed to make it through. High school wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. Sometimes, the only way to find yourself and the life you should live, is to do less planning and more living. And when you believe in yourself, you succeed much better. Congrats, Class of 2015, we made it..

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
– Confucius

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Go with your heart