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Grace Gomez

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“Just keep swimming” is the motto that I’ve used throughout high school (yes it’s cliché). This quote has helped me so much in order to just keep going and push through, no matter what the situation. In turn, my senior year has had the biggest impact on my life so far. There have been good and bad times, but I’m so grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had because they’ve shaped me into the person I am today. It’s something that I would never change.
That being said, juniors and underclassmen, this is for you: do what you know will make you happy. Be with the people you want to be with. Don’t make yourself miserable by doing what other people want you to do. You have plenty of time to have fun in your life so don’t rush it now and think that high school is the best time of your life because there are so many great and amazing things out there waiting for you. Take the bad events and turn them into lessons that you can learn from and grow because of.
I would like to thank a few people who have been there for me in different times of my life. To Mrs. Gish: I’m so glad that I decided to join the newspaper staff my freshman year. I’ve learned so many skills to take with me throughout my life, and I’m grateful to have learned from you. It’s because of this class that I’ve entered the KU School of Journalism and have decided to pursue a degree in not only News and Information, but also in Computer Science.
To Mrs. Aeschliman: taking your class has helped me so much in that I’m actually given the time to do the most important things that I normally wouldn’t do. You’ve helped me with a lot of college decisions and prepared me for the next step in life.
To my grandparents: you guys have given me so much and helped me a lot. Everything you’ve given can never be repaid, and I’m so grateful for it all. Mom and Dad, thanks for letting me do I want and teaching me good morals. I love you guys. To Lauren Bergman, you’re my closest friend, and you’ve been there for me through a lot. You have no idea how I thankful I am to have someone like you in my life who actually listens and is there.
It’s strange to think that by the time this paper comes out, it’ll be my last day of high school. It’s something that hasn’t hit me yet, and I don’t know if it will. Still, I’m happy, proud, and excited to enter into the next chapter of my life.

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The next chapter