Getting the T-Bird spirit boosted

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Getting anxious and ready to compete in the “Spirit Night” competition, the freshmen received the title for Best Theme, sophomores got the award for Best Decorations, juniors made the title for Best Costumes, and seniors took it away for overall Most Spirited.

“I think that the juniors should have received first place for the loudest chant, but am not surprised that the seniors won because that’s how it always ironically works,” junior Elizabeth Aguirre said.

Seniors theme was Firefighters, and their outfits consisted of a hat, shirt, and a light up button. Blue being the class colors of juniors, their theme was the Avatars. Their outfits were quite unusual this year; instead of having shirts, they had received a kit that included, hand crafted ears, beads, blue body paint, tail, and a hair piece. The sophomores were Shark themed, and they received a shirt, mask, and fin. Batman took the style of freshman all around the school with a cape, shirt, and mask.

“I think the juniors had the best costumes and showed the most spirit, followed by the seniors,” sophomore Shelby Foster said.

“I don’t quite understand where the sophomores got sharks for their theme considering their class color is supposed to be white, not gray, but anyway I thought the avatars were the most unusual; however, I liked the seniors outfit probably the best,” junior Hector Rodriguez said.

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