Feline friend

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It’s true that cats are not known for their “man’s best friend” qualities. But it leaves one to wonder, what about “woman’s best friend”? Senior Alyssa Hudson would attest that her cat, Grayson, is no ordinary cat.

“Oh yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about! At my house, we regard Grayson as ‘princess-kitty-puff-shoe-button-shines’. She is easily my favorite sibling,” Hudson said.

Alyssa, who also has a brother at Shawnee Heights Middle School, said that her cat is more like the family dog than the family cat. Having taught her cat to play fetch, sit, roll over, play dead, bark, and jump through a hoop; Hudson is also gaining recognition around Topeka as a premier “cat trainer,” a title this author didn’t know existed.

“It’s really easy if you have the right treats. My little princess-kitty-puff-shoe-button-shines is partial to candied apples and Slim Jims. My mom said, ‘Oh, that’s probably not healthy for her,’ but I say, ‘NAY!’ Sure she walks with a slight limp now and has some sort of growth on her chin, but there’s absolutely no proof that the Slim Jims caused that. I have a feeling it may have been a result of the pickled egg baths we gave her. She wasn’t so partial to those,” Hudson said.

“I am still looking for a vintage pretty-kitty bandana from 1942, but eBay hasn’t been kind. I’m about 70 percent sure I had my credit card information stolen,” Hudson said.

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