Supporting our team

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This year the senior fans have been dedicated to supporting the Shawnee Heights athletic teams. It was decided at the beginning of this school year to be at every game to support our athletic teams. Since this is the seniors last year in high school to do so, many of them felt it would be memorable to come to every game.

For basketball season a group of senior girls stepped up in cheering on their team. Posters were made for every senior boy on the team, stomachs have been painted, shirts are being made, and these groups of girls have gone to every game, both home and away.

The girls aren’t the only ones cheering; many of the same boys have been involved in helping support the teams. Supporting our athletics during the senior year shows that this group is cherishing every moment left in high school.
When attending the basketball games, the front row of the student section is filled with the seniors in red shirts, holding up the posters. During the game the whole student section chimes in during cheers to be as loud as possible when cheering on the basketball teams.

“My favorite part of coming to the games is painting our stomachs and cheering for the teams. I really like all of the posters that were made because they’re funny, but they fit all of the boys’ personalities. It’s important for me to come and support them because this is my last year in high school,” senior Brooke Besler said.

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